What is a Google+ Profile

What is a Google+ profile?

Google+ is a social media service, offered outside of the core Mountaineer Apps products, that fosters interaction between people with similar interests.  All Appalachian State Faculty, Staff, Students are eligible to sign up for a Google+ account using their official appstate.edu address.  Upon creation of the accounts users are asked to type their name, age and other identifying elements.  The name is important here because this name is used across all Google products after it is set. 

To determine if you have a Google+ profile:

1. Login to your Mountaineer Apps Google Account and go to email. 

2. Click on the circular icon in the top, right corner.

3. If you have a Google+ profile you will see a link labeled Google+ Profile

To create a Google+ Profile:

1. Go to plus.google.com

2. Click on Join Google+

3. Login with your Mountaineer Apps username and password

4. Complete the setup steps, being careful to enter the correct display name for the account.  (this name is used throughout all of your Google products, including the global address list and display name) 

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