Registerable and Non-registerable devices

Below is a list of popular devices that are registerable and non-registerable on the University’s network(s). Non-registerable devices are non-registerable due to either security reasons or hardware incompatibility. Directions to register a device are at the bottom of this page.


Registerable devices:

Ethernet only:

  • PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4 
  • Xbox 360 / Xbox One
  • Wii / Wii U – with Ethernet adapter
  • Chromecast – with Ethernet adapter
  • Roku - with Ethernet or Ethernet adapter
  • SmartTV - with Ethernet or Ethernet adapter
  • Apple TV 
  • Blu-Ray player 
  • Amazon Fire TV – with Ethernet adapter
  • Amazon Echo / Echo Dot – with Ethernet adapter


  • Computer / laptop - Can also be registered on Ethernet
  • Most mobile devices and phones


Devices that may work on ASU-visitor without registration:

  • Amazon Echo / Echo Dot

  • PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4

  • Xbox 360 / Xbox One

  • Nintendo 3DS / DS / DSi / Switch

  • Sony PSP / Vita


Non-registerable devices:

  • Google Home / Home Mini

  • Amazon Echo / Echo Dot – on wireless

  • Chromecast – on wireless

  • Roku – on wireless

  • SmartTV – on wireless

  • Kindle tablets

  • Wireless printers

  • Sony PSP / Vita

  • Nintendo 3DS / DS / DSi / Switch

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4 – on wireless

  • Xbox 360 / Xbox One – on wireless

  • Other devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise wireless



 Device registration: 

To register a device on Ethernet (this does not include laptops and desktops, to register a computer proceed to

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable to the device and the wall 

  2. Locate the Wired/Ethernet MAC address for your device (Can be found in the Network Settings, or possibly printed on the somewhere on the device or Ethernet adapter)

  3. Submit a support request for personally owned devices. Be sure to include your device’s MAC address and your residence hall in the support request. Click Here to submit a support request.


To register a device on Wireless:

  1. Connect your device to ASU-secure-setup, open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and navigate to

  2. Below the block A, you will see “Click here to continue”

  3. Select the appropriate device type in the drop down menu if it is not already selected, and click Join Now.

  4. A file should be downloaded, run this file.

  5. When prompted, sign in with ASU username (not your email address) and password.




For more information or if you have trouble registering a device, contact the Support Center or Help Desk at 828-262-6266.


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