Panopto Recording with iOS

The Panopto Recorder allows a lot of flexibility in how and what you can record. This section will cover aspects of recording with an iOS Device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch). You can use the system for pre-recorded lectures, difficult concepts clarification, expert speaker capture, or lecture archives. This guide focuses on installing and using Panopto on an iOS device.

Installation & Logging In

  1. On your iOS device, open the AppStore and search for Panopto.
  2. Download the Panopto app using your Apple ID, then tap it to open it from the homescreen.

    open panopto app

  3. Tap on the Menu icon located in the top left to access settings and account information.

    access menu settings

  4. Tap Sign in under Account.

    sign in to panopto

  5. Enter in the address bar and tap Sign In

    enter server address

  6. Make sure ASUlearn is selected and tap Sign in again. On the Shibboleth Single Sign-On page, enter your AppState Credentials and sign in.

    asulearn sign in

  7. You are now logged in and can use Panopto. 


  1. To record with the Panopto app, tap on the Menu icon (Menu icon) in the top left and tap on Record & Upload.

    record and upload 

  2. Select a Folder that you would like to record into from the list of available folders.

    select a folder

    Note: If you need a folder created, submit a support request at

  3. Select Start Recording to use your built-in camera or Choose a video to upload a video you already have in your camera roll. You can also change your Title to be more specific (i.e. Macroeconomics-Lecture-05).
    start recording

    Note: You will need to give Panopto access to your microphone, camera, and/or photos in order to continue.

  4. When you tap start recording, you will still need tap the red record button to begin the recording. You can adjust flash, camera settings, etc. before you begin. When you press the red record button a second time, the recording will stop and you will be given options to retake, play back, or Use Video as it is.
  5. Once you select Use Video, tap Upload to send it to the Panopto server.

    upload video

  6. Your video will show up under the Uploaded section where it will begin processing. Once it says Upload completed, it will be available to view on

    upload completed

    Note: Uploading video to Panopto requires a network connection. This may take some time so please be patient.

  7. If you want to delete a recording, click on the Trash Can icon next to the video and tap Remove

If you have any questions, feel free to submit a support request at, or call the Help Desk at 262-6266.

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