Connecting Gaming Consoles and Smart TVs to our ASU Network

Some Gaming Devices and Smart TVs can connect to our Wireless Network using ASU-Visitor. For a more reliable connection, we highly reccommend connecting any of these devices using an Ethernet Cable. The device must be registered on our network in order to gain a secure Ethernet connection on the ASU Network. 

Steps for registering your Gaming Device or Smart TV:

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable to the device and the wall 
  2. Locate the Wired/Ethernet MAC address for your device (Can be found in the Network Settings)
  3. Submit a support request for personally owned devices. Be sure to include your devices MAC address in the support request. Click Here to submit a support request. 

You will recieve an email notification when your device has been registered and admitted onto the network. If you have additional questions, please contact our IT Support Center at 828-262-8324 option 2.  

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