Access uDesk from a Web Browser

You can connect to uDesk by using the VMware Horizon Client or through a web browser. This guide will show you how to connect to uDesk on a Mac or PC through the web browser. For information about what uDesk is and does see the guide here:

Note: The VMware Horizon Client offers better performance and features.

  1. On any Mac or PC, open a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari and go to:
  2. Click on VMware Horizon HTML Access.

    udesk website

  3. Sign in with your AppState Credentials.

    udesk login

  4. Once Signed in, click on uDesk - Faculty & Staff.

    udesk selection

  5. You can now use the virtual machine.

    udesk logged in

Note: This screen may take a few minutes to load so please be patient. 


If you have any questions, feel free to submit a support request at, or call the Help Desk at 262-6266.

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